We treat everyone we partner with as a client at Real.

If you're a candidate looking for the best jobs in Banking & Financial Services, you can be sure you’ll get the same level of service and same commitment to doing the best we can, as every employer we work with. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the most from working with us.

With you in mind

We could say we are different but for us what we do is natural. As sector and regional specialists we have built our reputation on providing the best fit for employers and employees. That means we won’t put you forward for roles you are unlikely to succeed in, we won’t push you into applying for jobs you are not fully committed to and we won’t try to convince employers you are the right person unless we truly believe it.

That’s why Real is more than just a recruitment consultancy; we are partners, negotiators, advisors, specialists; we are your best source for a world of opportunities.


As one of the world’s leading recruitment consultancies we pride ourselves on being a key recruitment partner for professionals and organisations across the pharma, biotech and medical devices sectors.


Career advice

Looking for Banking & Financial Services can be challenging and getting your most desirable role can be even more so. That’s why Real has produced a number of career guides to help you along the way; leaving you to focus on finding the right job and being as well prepared as you possibly can be.


Online Timesheets

Our online timesheet service has been designed for your convenience, to help you manage your payments during your contract.

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Working with Real

Real’s recruitment process is a simple one and is based on trust and transparency. We could talk about why you are important to us but instead are open and honest about the service levels you can expect.

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